Fuse Your Earthmate® GPS Trails with Photos!

Free software adds a GPS location to your pictures and displays them on a map

Yarmouth, ME – For those of you who snap digital photos as you travel and navigate with GPS, Earthmate.com is now offering a tool that lets you link your photo album to your atlas. Earthmate Image Tagger is a free module that relates your photographs to the location at which they were acquired. Merging your Earthmate GPS log file with the photos you took while traveling creates a map overlay that locates your images within a couple meters!

Earthmate Image Tagger uses the time collected by the GPS log and the clock in your digital camera to auto-magically pop up your photos or links to them on the map. By linking and indexing your photo album spatially, you can review a trip and never wonder where you snapped your images. Earthmate Image Tagger has applications beyond leisure travel: perhaps you are property hunting, doing detective work, or researching an earth-based science. Any activity that correlates geographic space with image-based data can be easily linked with Earthmate Image Tagger.

Designed for use with DeLorme mapping software, Earthmate Image Tagger reads a GPS log generated by an Earthmate GPS or Blue Logger™ GPS, matches it with your time stamped digital photo collections, and creates a map overlay that lists the photo name or a thumbnail and a hyperlink to the full size image on your desktop. This functionality makes a nifty tool for presentations—no more boring slideshows! Earthmate Image Tagger simplifies identifying your photo series from a research project, road trip, or land-use planning activity.

For your free download of Earthmate Image Tagger, please visit www.earthmate.com