Professional Surveyors Education Foundation Inc. Helps Develop the Future Surveyor of America

The College of Technology always appreciates the generous donations received from alumni, corporations, foundations, and the Houston community.  One exemplary organization that has donated to the college since 2000 is Professional Surveyors Education Foundation Inc.

Professional Surveyors Education Foundation Inc. funds educational opportunities in the Greater Houston area.  The goal of the foundation is to support the development of a quality educational program in professional surveying.

“The foundation hopes to support the educational infrastructure necessary for supplying the future needs of our society,” says Andrew L. Sikes, president of Professional Surveyors Education Foundation Inc.  Sikes has pledged to continue the quality fundraising and to increase the range of surveying areas involved in the effort.

The foundation donated at total of $185, 000 from 2000-2004.  In 2004, the foundation made an additional donation to the college of $180,000, to be distributed from 2004–2007.  The donations have allowed the Engineering Department to fund a full-time faculty position to teach courses in the surveying.

“The department … is grateful for the generous support of the Professional Surveyors Education Foundation,” says Dr. Enrique Barbieri, department chair of Engineering Technology.  “With the foundation’s assistance, we continue to expand our course offerings leading to a B.S. in Construction Management – Surveying and Mapping.  As a premier educational institution, we strive to ready graduates for professional registration and hence meet industry’s needs.”