Leica Geosystems and ASPRS Foundation Present Awards at ASPRS 2005 Annual Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – 9 March 2005— During the awards luncheon at the ASPRS 2005 Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping, LLC, in conjunction with the ASPRS Foundation, presented the 2005 Leica Geosystems Internship and the Leica Geosystems Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing. 

Leica Geosystems Internship
Ms. Nora Csanyi is the 2005 recipient of The Leica Geosystems Internship, an eight-week internship for graduate students in photogrammetry. Nora will work with Leica Geosystems personnel at a selected Leica Geosystems facility, where she will have an opportunity to carry out a small research project of her own choice, or to work on an existing Leica Geosystems project as part of a team. This internship is presented by ASPRS, with funding provided by Leica Geosystems, and consists of a stipend of $2,500 plus an allowance for travel and living expenses for the period of the internship.

Nora Csanyi is a doctoral candidate at the Ohio State University, Center for Mapping, with a study of photogrammetry and remote sensing.  She provided an excellent proposal for continuing studies, and has an extremely strong background in theoretical and mathematical photogrammetry with an impressive history of grade-point averages in college courses, both at Ohio State as well as the University of Budapest.  She also has an extensive list of conference publications, including lead author in six proceedings papers. Her faculty advisor is Associate Professor Dr. Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska.

2005 Leica Geosystems Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing
Established in 1991 as the ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing, this became the Leica Geosystems Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing in 2002. This award encourages and commends individuals who publish papers of scientific merit that advance our knowledge of remote sensing technology. The Leica Geosystems Award first prize is $500, second prize is $300, third prize is $200 and each recipient is awarded a hand-engrossed certificate.

Recipients of the 2005 Leica Geosystems Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing include:
• 1st Place:  Giles M. Foody for the paper, “Thematic Map Comparison: Evaluating the Statistical Significance of Differences in Classification Accuracy,” (PE&RS, 70-5, pp. 627-633)
• 2nd Place:  Robert L. Huguenin, Mo Hwa Wang, Robert Biehl, Scott Stoodley, and Jeffrey N. Rogers  for the paper, “Automated Subpixel Photobathymetry and Water Quality Mapping,” (PE&RS, 70-1, pp.111-123).
• 3rd Place:  Thomas J. Cova, Paul C. Sutton, and David M. Theobald for the paper, “Exurban Change Detection in Fire-prone Areas with Nighttime Satellite Imagery,” (PE&RS, 70-11, pp. 1249-1257)

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