GeoVantage Delivers High-resolution Digital Orthophotography to Olympic Resource Management

Olympic Resource Management utilizes GeoVantage imagery to evaluate, document and value Crown Pacific timberlands

Swampscott, MA, March 3, 2005 – GeoVantage today announced the delivery of a 540,000 acre imagery project to Olympic Resource Management. GeoVantage delivered one meter pixel resolution, multi-spectral orthophotography in both full color and near infrared. The 2004 collection and delivery represents GeoVantage’s largest project to date in the Pacific Northwest.

Olympic Resource Management, working on behalf of their client, the former Crown Pacific, LLC, selected GeoVantage as the ideal provider to generate a current set of data for Crown Pacific’s timberland. The resulting data was used to document and value the Crown Pacific timber holdings.

“We have been very pleased with our overall experience with GeoVantage,” said Scott Holmen of Olympic Resource Management. “Not only is the GeoVantage imagery excellent in quality, but we have also found unexpected value in their standard delivery of both natural color and color infrared images”

Aerial surveys have become an integral part of managing forest lands using geographic information system (GIS) technology. Having an accurate photo base map is instrumental in the application of GIS and can help improve management and assessment efficiency by minimizing extensive field surveys. With current digital mapping capabilities, acquiring fast, accurate imagery is now not only essential, but cost effective. GeoVantage’s technology revolutionizes aerial imagery capture and processing by implementing start-to-finish automation.

“The GeoVantage team was a pleasure to work with,” said Holmen, “The terrain of the Pacific Northwest can present challenges when it comes to capturing imagery. GeoVantage delivered, and effectively resolved the couple of issues which arose during the course of the project.”

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this project,” said Matthew Herring, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GeoVantage, “Our imagery has helped Olympic Resource Management effectively meet its business objectives of managing the Crown Pacific timberlands.”

GeoVantage works with seven of the top ten forestry companies in North America. To learn more about GeoVantage and their forestry solutions, email or call 781.599.4664.

About GeoVantage, Inc.
GeoVantage ( leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver georegistered, orthorectified aerial imagery in full color and near infrared. To meet the unique remote sensing requirements of forestry, agriculture, urban planning and environmental management, GeoVantage custom flies each project. Twenty-two state-of-the-art sensors, composed of integrated GPS, inertial measurement units and 4-band digital cameras, along with integrated end-to-end workflow software, enable rapid response and worldwide geographic coverage.

About Olympic Resource Management
Olympic Resource Management (ORM) is a Pope Resources company specializing in timberland management and forestry based investments on behalf of third-party clients. Their recent experience includes management of investment grade timberlands on over 1 million acres in the western United States and Canada. ORM has the expertise and ability to provide a wide range of services on behalf of timberland owners.