NavCom Technology's Innovative VueStar(TM) Product Leads to Dealer Signing with Filanda Inc.

Filanda incorporates NavCom’s VueStar with their SoftNav(R) product providing aeronautical clients 10 centimeter accuracy without the need for local reference stations

Torrance, CA – January 25, 2005 – NavCom Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company (NYSE:DE), announced today that Filanda has been named as dealer, coupling NavCom Technology’s VueStar aerial navigation solution with their SoftNav product line.  Filanda’s product SoftNav is used for aeronautical applications with software developed specifically for lidar, seismic data acquisition, photogrammetry, 3D photo aerial inventory and agricultural spraying.

"NavCom’s VueStar provides Filanda a complete aerial survey navigation solution," said Steve Wilson, Business Manager of GPS Products for NavCom Technology. "The StarFire satellite based augmentation signal utilized by the VueStar GPS receiver allows Filanda’s SoftNav product line to achieve navigation accuracies not previously possible without the use of base stations, which means aircraft operators no longer need to compromise position accuracy for range limitations."

"NavCom Technology’s VueStar enables us to provide our clients with 10 centimeter accuracy in real-time without the use of local reference stations," said Yvan Thivierge, CEO for Filanda.   "This technology enables us to market a more efficient and cost-effective solution while simultaneously enabling surveys & seismic operations to be performed in areas where establishing a reference station or an RTK communication link has always been a problem. Now, we are capable of reaching an unprecedented real-time accuracy without RTK anywhere in the world. This is important to us because one of our most fundamental criteria with respect to the SoftNav technology is that the systems must be deployed anywhere in the world without modification or adaptation, eliminating the need for country specific rules."

About Filanda, Inc.
Filanda, Inc specializes in software and hardware solutions for navigation, data recording, and other aeronautical applications.  The company’s core technology platform is comprised of rugged miniature computer systems for helicopters and airplanes and GPS navigation software.  Specific applications have been developed for Oil & Gas Seismic Data Acquisition (bag deployment); Forestry and Photo 3D for aerial inventory & spraying; Photogrammetry including inertial sensors, camera control and GPS based navigation; Lidar applications and Agricultural crop spraying.

About NavCom Technology, Inc.
NavCom Technology, Inc., a John Deere Company (NYSE:DE), is a leading provider of advanced GPS products for OEMs, VARs and system integrators needing high performance RTK systems, global decimeter level GPS satellite corrections, geodetic quality GPS receivers, wireless communication products and engineering consulting in the areas of precise positioning, wireless communications and robotics. For more information on NavCom Technology and its products, please visit