Topcon® Announces TopNET CORS™ GNSS Reference Station System

LIVERMORE, CA – In response to the increasing demand for reliable fixed GNSS reference station systems, Topcon has pioneered TopNET CORS – the only complete system that offers 24 hour satellite coverage with GPS+ technology.  GPS+ provides dual constellation tracking of both GPS and GLONASS satellites, eliminating the downtime associated with GPS-only systems. TopNET CORS supports a wide variety of applications including land surveying, construction layout, automated machine control, GIS data exchange, agricultural control systems, and other applications based on GPS technology.

TopNET CORS reference station software suite is designed to operate with a series of new TopNET products, creating a system that can be easily expanded from a single site to complex networks covering extensive geographical areas. The manpower costs of establishing temporary reference stations are eliminated, boosting productivity and efficiency. Users within TopNET networks are instantly connected and operations can be completed by just one person. TopNET provides complete system security by putting full control under a designated systems operator.

Topcon’s advanced signal processing techniques to reduce multipath and in-band signal interference mean reliable operation in urban areas. Options can be added to provide even greater precision and productivity by generating GPS+ RTK correction data gathered from all reference stations. Technical support from Topcon’s expert staff completes a total solution for reference station setup, configuration, and operation.

For more detailed technical information, product specifications, and a downloadable brochure, visit Topcon’s webpage: For purchase options, contact your local Topcon dealer.