Vote For the Top 10 IKONOS Satellite Images Taken During 2004

Annual Selection of Spectacular Satellite Images to be Determined by Public Voting

DENVER, Dec. 23, 2004 – Satellite images of hurricane damage in Florida, a coral reef island in the South Pacific, an Iranian nuclear facility, massive flooding in Haiti, man-made islands in the Persian Gulf, Greek Olympic facilities, and national museums and monuments are some of the amazing events, facilities and land features imaged by Space Imaging’s IKONOS satellite in 2004.

IKONOS has taken thousands of images this year, and Space Imaging is asking the public to help pick the 10 most spectacular images of 2004. This is the fifth year Space Imaging has named the Top 10 Images, but it’s the first time the public has been asked to help select the Top 10 Images through voting.

Online voting for the Top 10 Images can be easily done at: To make the job a little easier, Space Imaging pre-selected 23 images to choose from. All of the stunning images were taken from 423 miles in space as IKONOS moved over the Earth in a north-to-south orbit at 17,000 mph. They represent the very best from IKONOS including those taken by some of Space Imaging’s Regional Affiliate ground stations located around the world.

The final Top 10 Images of 2004 will be announced in late January.

“Governments and companies throughout the world rely daily on map-accurate imagery from IKONOS as a decision-support tool for a variety of business, economic, environmental and security challenges around the world,” said Mark Brender, vice president of Corporate Communications at Space Imaging. “The public often sees IKONOS imagery featured as satellite-image maps in broadcast and cable news programming and in major newspapers and magazines.”

When Space Imaging successfully launched the IKONOS satellite in 1999, it made history as the world’s first commercial high-resolution Earth imaging satellite. Prior to 1999, images of Earth of this quality and detail were only available from government intelligence satellites. IKONOS has taken over a million images in the last five years and has collected more than 200 million square kilometers of the Earth’s surface. The IKONOS satellite can ‘see’ any location on the Earth’s surface every three days. During the 14 orbits it makes around the globe each day, IKONOS collects vital statistics about the Earth’s ever-changing features – from fluctuations in land and water resources to the build-out of new urban areas.

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