Leica Geosystems HDS Announces Seminar Program for Topographic Surveys with Laser Scanning

Advances in High-Definition Surveying™ field & office solutions cut labor costs by as much as 75%, making laser scanning an everyday tool for site surveys. Leica Geosystems presents a series of free seminars for professionals to see and learn the latest solutions, step-by-step.

San Ramon, CA, December 10, 2004 – Leica Geosystems HDS, LLC announces a new series of seminars on the latest field & office procedures for conducting highly labor-efficient topographic, site, and as-built surveys with laser scanning. The new seminars will show how to create 2D topographic maps with laser scanning at a fraction of the labor cost of traditional methods.

Step-by-step Workflows for Creating 2D Maps from Point Cloud Data
Leica Geosystems’ latest generation of HDS™ laser scanners, software and work flows can decrease the cost of field and office labor for ordinary topographic surveys to as little as 25% of what it takes to perform them traditionally. This new series of free seminars will bring the knowledge of how to achieve these types of savings to a broader community.

Each seminar features the use of Leica’s HDS3000 laser scanner with Cyclone, Cyclone Cloudworx, and Autodesk Land Development Desktop (LDD). These tools will be demonstrated together for training and interactive experience for attendees. Seminars will include an overview of HDS,and conclude with field data capture and continue on with the latest office processes for efficiently creating 2D CAD maps from point clouds. Presenters will show step-by-step how to take point cloud data all the way to final 2D topographic deliverables in CAD, just as experienced users do. Attendees will learn how to develop DTMs and contours for the site and how to extract points, line work and symbols in CAD from raw point cloud data. Attendees will receive an actual user case study and sample 2D maps from actual projects as references.

Turning Labor Savings into a System Payback Analysis
Seminars will also cover the latest project metrics using Leica HDS3000 and Leica HDS45000 scanners. Presenters will show how, in many cases, labor savings on topographic surveys can be applied to quickly pay back an investment in a laser scanning system.

Seminar Timing, Locations and Registration
Each seminar is scheduled for one-half day and attendance is free. The HDS “CAD Deliverable Workflow” Seminar Series will be conducted through the end of February, 2005. Currently the series includes twenty (20) seminars scheduled for many key cities across the US and Canada. Detailed seminar schedules, locations, and registration information are available via email (marketing@lgshda.com) or by calling 1-(925) 790-2401 (California). Note that the seminars will not focus on industrial as-builts or bridge surveys.

For further information contact:
Tel (direct) 1-925-790-2317
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Fax 1-925-790-2309
E-mail geoffrey.jacobs@hds.leica-geosystems.com