New Z/I Mouse from Intergraph Simplifies Digitizing and Stereo Input of Photogrammetric Data

Industry-first 3D input device to combine force stick technology with optical mouse and thumb wheel

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Dec. 13, 2004 — Intergraph <NASDAQ: INGR> Mapping and Geospatial Solutions today introduced the Z/I Mouse, a high-precision 3D mouse that simplifies digitizing data and capture of stereo data for input into photogrammetric processes. The new mouse is now shipping with the company’s redesigned Z/I Imaging(R) ImageStation(R) digital photogrammetric workstation and Z/I Imaging ImageStation Stereo Softcopy Kit (SSK).
With a radical new ergonomic design, the Z/I mouse gives photogrammetrists an easy-to-use and accurate way to input data without the need for a digitizing surface. Digitizing technology is built into the whole design of the mouse.

According to Paul Garland, Vice President, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, the streamlined motion offered by the new device speeds data input to increase end user productivity. "By accelerating accurate data input, we are helping our customers increase their efficiencies in daily tasks. Eliminating the multitude of clutch motions removes some of the tedious work associated with current digitizing methods."

The Z/I mouse represents an industry first with its innovative features, such as force-sticks for X, Y and Z movement, optical mouse movement and thumb wheel for fine Z movement along with fully programmable keys to add digitizing flexibility. The mouse is a USB device and plugs directly into a USB port.

With the new Z/I Mouse, the need for a large digitizing surface is eliminated as well as the need to "clutch and move," which was previously necessary on input devices without a digitizing table. Users can sit still if they prefer and digitize using their thumbs for movement in X, Y and Z axes. The thumb wheel adds an extra level of confidence in the user’s measurement in Z – rather than just relying upon the force stick to do the work, the user can "touch up" his or her fine movement in Z.

Redesigned ImageStation includes smaller footprint The redesigned ImageStation sports simpler, ergonomically designed adjustable furniture and powerful tower-sized computers to give users a smaller footprint for their photogrammetric production workstation. The ImageStation is optimized for photogrammetric production with smooth stereo roam capabilities and equipped with dual 22-inch Toshiba monitors for comfortable stereo viewing.
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