USGS Sales Counter to Close

Rolla, Mo.— November 23, 2004 – Over the counter sales activity at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Science Information Center (ESIC), part of the Rolla Mid-Continent Mapping Center (MCMC) will cease as of December 1.  The termination of over the counter sales such as map purchases and other USGS product transactions is a result of an overall USGS restructuring plan.

The USGS Director outlined the strategy in an April 2002 memo, in which he states, “The USGS will transition from ESICs that have a sales counter emphasis to an integrated information delivery capability in support of the changing nature of USGS products, data and technologies.  He further explains that the ESICs “will evolve into enterprise information offices that provide and support our customers via phone, fax, mail, the web and through creative partnerships with other government agencies and the private sector.”

There are several alternatives in place for the purchase of USGS products.  For those who wish to purchase USGS maps covering the State of Missouri, they can be obtained over the counter at the Missouri Geological Survey and Resource Assessment Division located on the west side of Rolla.  Any USGS product can be purchased by calling 1-888-ASK-USGS, or through the mail by writing to USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, Colorado, 80225.  On-line searching and ordering is possible, using the USGS Store ( for published products including maps, books, and other publications, or using Earth Explorer ( for digital data including aerial photography, satellite imagery, and digital cartographic data.   Also, there are numerous USGS Business Partners ( who can provide USGS maps, aerial photographs, satellite imagery or digital cartographic data.

Although direct over the counter sales will cease as of December 1 at the Rolla site, the ESIC counter will remain open during business hours and ready to assist customers in any questions they have relating to the products and services provided by the USGS, including how to purchase USGS products.  However, no sales will be processed at the counter after November 30, as the purchases will be referred to other retail sites.

The USGS apologizes for any inconvenience this causes and will maintain our goal of providing high quality, relevant science and mapping products for our changing world.