Leica Geosystems Introduces Low-cost Single-channel GPS Surveying Receiver

November 15, 2004 – Leica Geosystems today announced the introduction of the SR20, a single-channel GPS receiver for surveying applications.

The flexible SR20 is ideal for a variety of common tasks, including control surveys, topographical data collection, monument location, GPS networks, asset management and GIS data collection.

The SR20 incorporates a 12-channel L1 GPS engine that delivers centimeter-level accuracy in post-processing mode.  With tracking features such as MaxAccuracy, MaxTrak and HyperTrak, the SR20 is able to achieve the best possible accuracy in all GPS conditions.  The system can be used for real-time sub-meter accuracy utilizing satellite-based augmentation systems such as WAAS and EGNOS, and can also be upgraded to receive real-time RTCM data from U.S. Coast Guard beacon stations.

Packaged with the powerful LEICA Geo Office software, the system provides powerful post-processing and analysis.  This user-friendly software provides everything required for managing, visualizing, processing, importing and exporting SR20 GPS data.

The SR20 can be configured as a reference station, static and kinematic receiver or navigator to locate monuments.  It can be upgraded with the GS20 software for feature and attribute GIS data collection.  The functionality can also be expanded by connecting to external devices via serial data or Bluetooth wireless interface.  The system includes useful features such as COGO and one-step transformation. 

Equipped with a high-resolution display, the SR20 can be used in all light conditions.  A mobile-phone styled keyboard provides intuitive data entry. 

Leica Geosystems, with worldwide headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, develops, manufactures and markets systems for surveying, mapping and position determination.  The company has a turnover of almost 700 million Swiss francs and is listed on the Swiss Exchange.  Leica currently has 2,370 employees, with 600 located in the United States.  It is structured in six divisions:  Surveying and Engineering, GIS and Mapping, Metrology, Special Products, Consumer Products and New Businesses.  Along with the Swiss facilities, the company also has development and production subsidiaries in America and Asia.  Leica Geosystems has 20 wholly-owned sales subsidiaries worldwide and representation in more than 120 countries.

For sales inquiries, contact Leica Geosystems online at www.leica-geosystems.com or your local Leica dealer.