The American Surveyor Magazine – November 2004, Vol.1, No.6

Editor’s Corner
By Marc Cheves, LS
Point to Point:  On Chronological Retracement
The context of “original work” plays an important role in understanding and re-creating it.
By Joel Leininger, LS
Surveyors Rendezvous 2004
History came alive as surveyors gathered to follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark on the 200th anniversary of their travels through Kansas and Missouri.
By Marc S. Cheves, LS
Surveyin’ Da Situation:   Lessons from the Campaign Trail
In this timely installment, the author reflects on his own election campaign.
By John D. Matonich, LS
Enhancing GIS Functionality with Base Station Technology
How an Indiana company is integrating surveying and GIS technologies to streamline utility-locate processes.
By Gary Kent, LS, Bruce Strack, LS, and Michael Morefield
International GPS Conference – Munich 2004
Is the traditional American view of real-time GPS becoming obsolete?
By Gavin Schrock, LS
The Heliotrope
Designed to reflect the sun toward a given point at a great distance, several variations of this unique instrument were employed in 19th and 20th century surveys.
By Silvio A. Bedini
Reconnaissance:   Boundary Disputes I Have Known
As an expert witness will attest, common sense does not necessarily prevail when it comes to boundary lawsuits.
By Gary Kent, LS
LaughLines:  Snake Tales
It seems that every surveyor has a good snake story (or two) to tell.
By Tommy Woodsmall, LS
It’s Your Business:  A Recurring Conversation
Tips and tools that will strengthen your business relationships.
By Daniel E. Beardslee, LS
Vantage Point:  The Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004
The latest on flood zone regulations that affect surveyors and engineers.
By Wendy Lathrop, LS
GIS Matters:  The Surveyor’s Roles in a GIS Framework
Fear not! There are many roles for the surveyor within the GIS framework.
By Rj Zimmer, LS
Test Yourself:  Compute the Pile Elevations
By Richard L. Elgin, PhD, LS, PE
330kb Questions
18kb Answers
Software Review:  Manifold System
Here’s an affordable program that can get you started in GIS
By Joe Bell, LS
Lewis and Clark’s Tower Butte
Nebraska surveyors walk in the footsteps of Lewis & Clark and Deputy Surveyor Robert Harvey.
By Jerry Penry, LS
Product Review:  TDS Survey Pro 4.0
Our product reviewer takes a look at the latest version of this software.
By Al Pepling, LS
Guest Editorial:  ACSM Outlook
An overview of the current activities and the effects of reorganization.
By Curt Sumner, LS