Optech announces next-generation ILRIS-3D laser scanner

Stuttgart, Germany, October 13, 2004 – Optech Incorporated, the global leader in the development and manufacture of laser-based survey instruments, is pleased to announce its next generation ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System.
The new ILRIS-3D offers many enhanced features, including an integrated 6 megapixel digital camera, automated truecolor point clouds, increased accuracy and improved user friendliness.
In addition, a new integrated handle allows users to mount a GPS antenna, external digital camera or spectral imaging systems to the unit. The scanner automatically uses the data provided by the external sensors to enhance the quality of the point cloud.
Externally available USB 2.0 and serial ports provide greater data storage flexibility while protecting the portability and user-friendliness that drives the ILRIS-3D design philosophy.
Optech developed the new ILRIS-3D after extensive feedback from its users and careful market research, and the result is a system that builds on the versatility provided by the currently well-established generation of ILRIS-3D.
“Throughout the design of the new system we carefully leveraged the already well-proven ILRIS-3D technology and included new features based on the demands of our customers,” said Brent W. Gelhar, Director, Laser Imaging Division for Optech. “The additions place us well in front of all currently available scanners on the market today.”
With a dynamic scanning range of 3 m to beyond 1,000 m, a minimum scan step size of 0.00115 degrees and Class 1 laser eyesafety designation in all operating conditions, Optech Incorporated continues to provide its users with the most versatile lidar scanner in its class.

About Optech
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. In addition to ILRIS-3D, Optech products and applications include the ALTM airborne laser terrain mapper, the SHOALS-1000T airborne lidar bathymeter, space-based atmospheric monitors and spaceborne
landing/docking systems, mine cavity monitoring systems and industrial process control solutions. For details on Optech’s products and capabilities, see our website at www.optech.on.ca.