Trimble GPS to Power Energie AG's Surveying Operations in Austria

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 13 – Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today that Energie AG, a leading power supply company in Austria, has purchased Trimble’s advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying systems, reference station receivers and Virtual Reference Station (VRS(TM)) network software.

The equipment will be used for high-precision surveying to collect accurate position data for mapping Energie AG’s power supply infrastructure.

Energie AG purchased 15 Trimble R8 GPS RTK surveying systems with ACU data collectors, 10 Trimble NetRS(TM) reference station receivers, and Trimble GPSNet(TM) VRS network software. In addition, the Map500 software will be used for integrating the GPS survey data into Energie AG’s Geographic Information System (GIS). The seamless integration of position with asset feature information will assist in managing the Energie AG’s power supply infrastructure. The company’s infrastructure covers 10,150 square kilometers (approximately 6,307 square miles) and serves 380 communities with a population of 880,000 residents.

Energie AG’s survey equipment includes Trimble GPS, servo and robotic total stations as well as mapping and GIS systems.

Trimble R8 RTK GPS Surveying System

The Trimble R8 is a fully integrated, extremely lightweight, RTK GPS surveying system-everything a surveyor needs all in one compact package. It combines a dual-frequency GPS receiver, antenna, built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and power source for a day’s work. In addition the Trimble R8 features the Company’s new R-track technology, which includes the capability of tracking the new Civil Signal (L2C), scheduled to be available on certain GPS satellites in 2005. The Trimble R8 GPS system can be configured as a rover or GPS base station, making it versatile to meet the changing needs of surveying projects. Energie AG will be using the Bluetooth-enabled ACU data controller and GSM radio for cable free surveying.

Trimble NetRS Reference Station Receiver

The Trimble NetRS receiver is the latest in a long line of innovative GPS reference station and infrastructure solutions from Trimble. Also featuring R- track technology, the Trimble NetRS is designed for use with Trimble’s scalable infrastructure solutions and as a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) for geodetic, survey, high accuracy GIS and monitoring applications.

The Trimble NetRS GPS receiver is a powerful, dependable receiver designed for a range of high precision and monitoring applications. The receiver offers ease of use, low power consumption, Ethernet connectivity, advanced data management capability, and a rugged design, all of which makes it an extremely flexible product, ideal for Trimble’s portfolio of scalable infrastructure solutions.

With Internet Protocol as the primary communications mechanism, the Trimble NetRS GPS receiver can be accessed and fully controlled remotely using standard tools, such as web browsers or FTP clients, or using Trimble infrastructure software. The Trimble NetRS is built on a Linux framework that allows for extension and customization, which may not be possible with proprietary operating systems. Network management features of the Trimble NetRS include the ability to store one receiver’s data configuration to a file and restore it to the same receiver at a later date or clone the information to other receivers within a network.

Trimble GPSNet Software

An integral component of Trimble’s scalable infrastructure solutions, GPSNet software is designed to connect multiple GPS receivers in a network. This makes the Trimble GPSNet reference station software package ideal for a range of precision GPS applications including surveying, engineering, monitoring and GIS data collection. It is an innovative and easy-to-use solution that enables scalability using multiple receivers in a GPS network.

Map500 Graphical Field Information System

The Map500 software is an easy to use field data collection and measurement software package that interfaces to Trimble positioning sensors, including the Trimble R8 GPS system. The graphical software runs on a field computer and can be used for a range of surveying tasks, including high accuracy GIS, topographic data collection, and setting out. In addition the software allows for the loading of raster or vector background maps, including an interface to the popular SmallWorld GIS software. Data collected in the field can be directly downloaded from Map500 to a range of CAD and GIS systems.

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