Surveying Special Interest Group Formed to Influence Surveying and GIS

Redlands, CA, 10/05/04- The Surveying-Special Interest Group is a multi-disciplinary group consisting of surveyors, GIS professionals, and persons with a general interest in affiliated fields that work together to integrate surveying and GIS. S-SIG provides members:

• Educational and informative materials
• Industry events
• Networking opportunities

The Surveying-Special Interest Group (S-SIG) was created to discuss GIS issues in surveying. As members, you will have the option to download our newsletter, receive conference information, and gain access to the S-SIG online Survey Conference
discussion boards. There are no fees for Membership as this requires participation only.

To become a member use the contact information supplied below.

One of the main goals in creating the S-SIG is to influence the development in the surveying industry for the use and implementation of GIS. This in turn will increase the productivity and profit of Surveyors but also the usefulness of GIS data. We can achieve this by discussing new technological advances in our forums and newsletters, holding meetings at Surveying & GIS conferences, and addressing common FAQ’s that arise at our workplace.

For additional information or to receive a flier,
Contact Person: Donny Sosa
Organization Name: Surveying-Special Interest Group (S-SIG)
Telephone Number: 909-793-2853, ext. 2586
Email Address:
Web site address:

Become a member of S-SIG to increase your productivity and profit in the Surveying and GIS industries.