GeoVantage Imagery Offers Detailed View of Hurricane Damage along Florida Coasts

High-resolution aerial imagery will help insurance companies and government agencies quantify hurricane damage

Swampscott, MA, September 28, 2004 – GeoVantage, Inc. announced today that it is capturing high-resolution digital aerial imagery of the coastlines affected by Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Jeanne. The areas of focus include the Florida panhandle extending from Mobile, Alabama to Panama City, Florida, and Martin and St. Lucie counties on the Atlantic coast. The imagery will reveal the extent of the hurricane destruction and provide a precise base map to pinpoint specific areas of damage.

"As a resident of Florida, I have a personal interest in doing what I can to facilitate recovery efforts after these devastating storms," said Jim Kain, founder and Chief Technology Officer at GeoVantage, "By capturing aerial imagery that is georegistered to exact locations, we present a bird’s eye view of the damage that conventional aerial photography, surveys and site photos cannot match."

Insurance companies, government agencies and development firms can utilize the GIS-ready imagery for damage evaluation, property loss calculations, reconstruction efforts, and long-term environmental impact assessments.

GeoVantage initiates the Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Jeanne imagery missions out of their Fort Walton Beach, Florida facility and Ocala, Florida, respectively, using local planes equipped with their high tech, proprietary camera system. The camera system is composed of a global positioning system (GPS) and inertial measurement unit (IMU) technology ensuring that the imagery is precisely navigated relative to geographic location. A high-resolution digital camera array captures both full color and near infrared imagery accurate to within 3 meters, at resolutions of .25 meter to one meter.

View sample Hurricane Ivan imagery at

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