DigitalGlobe Delivers Before and After Imagery of Florida Following Hurricane Charley

High-Resolution Imagery can Aid in Damage Assessment, Change Detection, Mapping

LONGMONT, Colo., August 16, 2004 — DigitalGlobe®, provider of the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery and geospatial information products, announces it has before and after satellite imagery of the Florida Gulf Coast (including Punta Gorda) area that was devastated by Hurricane Charley over the weekend. The 2-foot resolution imagery was collected on August 14, 2004 by QuickBird, the industry’s highest resolution imaging satellite owned and operated by DigitalGlobe. New imagery covering disaster areas will be provided upon request.

A category four storm, Hurricane Charley has claimed 17 lives to date and left thousands homeless. Estimated damages are nearing $11 Billion USD. It is the most destructive storm to hit Florida since Hurricane Andrew passed through in 1992. 

DigitalGlobe’s imagery of the area is the highest resolution coverage collected by any source immediately following the destruction of Hurricane Charley. The imagery is invaluable for federal and civil government agencies responsible for coastal and in-land damage assessment, change detection (permanent landscape/coastal alterations), watershed and floodplain mapping (update Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps), long-term environmental and reconstruction monitoring, and identifying and calculating property loss. The imagery is available immediately as 1:50,000 georeferenced products, or 1:12,000 orthorectified mapsheets matching the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Ortho Quarter Quadrangles (DOQQ).

DigitalGlobe’s strategic partnerships with aerial photography firms provides one-stop shopping for customer deliverables consisting of satellite (2-foot, wide-area and county-wide collections) and aerial imagery (high-resolution in targeted areas). DigitalGlobe also offers derivative products such as DGStormWater (impervious mapping) for reconstruction, stormwater management and hydrological applications.

The imagery is available for viewing at To order DigitalGlobe’s before and after imagery of the Florida Gulf Coast, contact DigitalGlobe customer service at 800-496-1225, or by email at

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