DeLorme Announces TopoWorld – 3D Global Visualization Integrated with Earthmate GPS and XMap

Yarmouth, Maine – August 9, 2004 – DeLorme today announced plans to release TopoWorld, a high-performance map resource providing a three-dimensional view of 14.25 meter color satellite imagery, elevation, and vector map data throughout the world. The product will be provided on a portable external hard drive.
TopoWorld literally takes users from "space" to "streets" at the click of a mouse. With its fusion of 14.25 meter color satellite data, world-wide vector maps, digital terrain data, GIS, and GPS technology, TopoWorld is an invaluable tool for any organization with a regional to global perspective.
TopoWorld offers multinational or international entities the tools to plan, explore, and formulate geospatial decisions. Users can fly over any of the six populated continents-which are rendered in full-color 3D imagery, while linked to the World Vector reference database. Equipped with DeLorme’s XMap tools (included), TopoWorld users can easily add their own organization-specific data to the map; they can also measure distances, calculate areas, assess terrain, and much more. The included XMap GIS Editor software also facilitates import and export of industry standard GIS formats and creation of GIS layers.
At 1:68,750 scale the TopoWorld dataset is equivalent in detail to a globe 1000 feet in diameter. TopoWorld is the highest resolution 3D world map ever offered on a portable hard-drive. The Digital Terrain Model, created from 90 meter posting SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data, allows users to quickly compare elevation detail between locations. Locations can be viewed in 3D, from any compass point, and at viewing angles from 15 to 90 degrees. "Cutaway" elevation profiles can also be extracted.
Users can register more detailed images, covering small areas, to the TopoWorld base data, and track locations with an Earthmate GPS unit. The XMap software search tools can quickly locate cities, towns, or natural features anywhere in the world; the search results can be rendered in 3D satellite imagery linked to the World Vector base map, which shows major roads, place names, political boundaries, urban areas, and land cover types; that level of detail allows the 3D satellite imagery to be quickly analyzed and interpreted for the task at hand.
The XMap draw tools let users add lines and polygons, notes and text; they can also select from a broad menu of symbols to insert points of interest specific to their own organizational needs. In addition, GPS log files can be downloaded as routable roads.
The XMap GIS Editor provides for the creation of GIS layers in the DeLorme Openspace format. These layers can be shared across an organization with any XMap user. The XMap GIS Editor package also allows the import/ export of industry standard GIS formats.
The high-value TopoWorld Hardware/Software package includes three DeLorme Earthmate GPS units, one XMap GIS Editor, and two XMap 4.5 licenses. The TopoWorld data is packaged on an included 500 GB external hard drive. The Earthmate GPS units can be used for GPS-mapping of new roads or routes, and to create log files that can be employed to accurately register user-owned raster data. GPS post-processing software is additionally available that can make the Earthmate GPS sub-meter accurate. XMap GIS Editor can be used to create GIS layers, and XMap 4.5 can view the GIS layers created by XMap GIS Editor.
The TopoWorld dataset includes approximately 200,000,000 square kilometers of satellite imagery, SRTM elevation data between 60 degrees latitude south and 60 degrees latitude north, major roads, place names, political boundaries, urban areas, land cover types, and more.
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