Everything-Mobile provides information and advice to customers looking for GPS products

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Everything-Mobile is launched to address the needs of novice GPS users who are interested in purchasing GPS products but do not know where to start or what to purchase. Customers benefit from knowledgeable advisors who understand their needs and guide them in product selection.

"Everything-Mobile’s experts are very helpful. I told them my needs and they recommended the right product for me. I’m very pleased," said James Lieb, TX.

"Presently, most of the existing online and retail stores are designed for customers who have some idea of what they want. It is not always easy to get a knowledgeable sales person to answer the customers’ specific questions," said Christine Wei, General Manager.

"Everything-Mobile is bringing GPS products to the mainstream consumers who are interested in using it for car navigation, hiking, bicycling or geocaching. We have designed our online store to specifically address this growing market segment.

We have GPS experts who offer advice to customers in selecting the appropriate products, Shopping Guides and a Resource Center to provide them with information. The goal is to help customers make the right choice.

We also offer unique pre-built packages. We are now offering some for customers who are interested in adding GPS capabilities to their existing Pocket PCs (such as iPAQs). These packages reduce customers’ product selection time.

Finally, we have structured our online store in categories that are simple and easy to navigate. We separate handheld based vs. PDA based. For customers who don’t have a PDA, they can go directly to the handheld section. This saves research time and reduces frustration in searching for products.

The goal for Everything-Mobile is to become an informative online store. Customers can find relevant information and sales support to make the right decision, and purchase products at a competitive price. Customers benefit from saving research time, reducing frustration, and having the peace of mind that they have purchased the right products."

About Everything-Mobile, Inc.

Everything-Mobile, Inc. is an informative online store that sells brand name GPS products, provides pre-built packages, expert advice and education to novice GPS users.

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Christine Wei
General Manager
Everything-Mobile, Inc.
(408) 738-8816 x103