New Internal Radio Solutions for the Trimble R8 GPS

New Internal Radio Solutions for the Trimble R8 GPS System Deliver Wireless Convenience

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 15, 2004 – Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) today introduced two new wireless communications options for the L2C signal-ready Trimble R8 GPS system—an internal transmit/receive 450 MHz radio module and an internal GSM mobile phone module. Both options enable the Trimble R8 GPS receiver to function as a high-precision surveying system without the inconvenience of cables.

Internal 450 MHz Radio Transmit Option – Wireless Base
High-precision RTK GPS surveying requires a radio data link between a base station and survey rover. With the new radio transmit option, users no longer need an external radio for the base station, providing increased convenience and cost-savings. In addition, the internal transmitter eliminates the need for complex cable connections between the GPS receiver and radio, reducing setup and training which translates to more time surveying. The internal base radio also adds flexibility to the surveyor’s workflow. The base station and rover are completely interchangeable and time spent searching for a base location with best radio coverage can be eliminated by using a radio repeater within 3-5 kilometers.

Internal GSM Mobile Phone Option – VRS Rover
The use of GPS reference stations such as Trimble’s VRS (Virtual Reference Station) network is increasing worldwide for high-precision positioning. The Trimble R8 with internal GSM module is the ideal rover for use in these networks. By eliminating the need for an external phone, the internal GSM option enables dedicated usage, decreased costs and enhanced environmental specifications.

Without cables or extra base stations, users simply connect to the Trimble VRS network or other types of reference station networks through the internal phone and begin surveying, increasing convenience and productivity. 

The internal 450 MHz radio transmitting and internal GSM mobile phone options are expected to be available July 19 of 2004 through Trimble’s Geomatics and Engineering worldwide dealer network.

The Trimble R8 GPS System
The Trimble R8 GPS receiver features Trimble R-Track technology, which includes the capability of tracking the new Civil Signal (L2C). The L2C signals are scheduled to be available on certain GPS satellites in the next 12 months. The addition of the new Civil Signal is expected to increase the signal strength of the L2 frequency. Trimble R-Track technology will allow customers to benefit from the signals through improved tracking performance.

The Trimble R8 GPS System features an integrated antenna that allows it to serve as a highly portable rover; now, with the internal transmit radio, it can also function as a wireless base station. Ideal for geodetic control, topographic and cadastral surveys, high-precision GIS, and stakeout applications, the Trimble R8 is a premier GPS survey receiver.

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