StormSource Software Announces Update to GPS.NET Software Development Kit

Lakewood, CO (PRWEB) July 14, 2004 — StormSource Software has announced that it has released a new version of its "GPS.NET"software today. GPS.NET is a software component which assists software developers with rapidly developing GPS-enabled applications for WindowsR desktop and mobile devices.

The component, now available for Visual Studio.NETR, boasts over 400 methods in 50 classes to perform virtually any GPS-related task, from calculating the distance to any point on Earth to writing applications which require highly-precise positional measurements.

"We’re very pleased with this release because it widens our market to international developers and more GPS devices," says StormSource Software’s Lead Developer, Jon Person. "We are growing GPS.NET into a framework where the complexities and proprietary protocols of GPS devices are made completely transparent to the developer. They don’t need to bother with researching protocols and trigonometric functions. This brings enormous power to developers because they can instantly add reliable support for hundreds of devices while at the same time significantly decreasing their time to market."

The latest release of GPS.NET introduces support for the GarminR binary protocol, allowing developers to transfer marked locations called "waypoints" between any two GarminR devices. The release also adds support for UTM coordinates (commonly used by international developers) and other features including calculations for minimum travel speed and time. The PocketPC portion of GPS.NET brings improved support for Bluetooth, Compact Flash, and Secure Digital GPS devices, and has achieved "Windows Mobile" certification status by the National Software Testing Labs in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

After this release, StormSource Software plans to focus upon adding graphical features such as "raster maps," which allow developers to plot coordinates on a digitized picture of a map. Plans have also been made to add grid conversion features.

StormSource Software will be giving this version of GPS.NET for free to existing customers who participate in the "1-year subscription" program, where developers receive all new software upgrades and components free for one year after their purchase. A fully-functional 30-day trial of GPS.NET is also available for download from its web site.