Mission Statement

To promote interest in the applications of Surveying and the related technologies.

To heighten awareness of the developments, innovations and applications of Surveying and the related technologies.

To provide a point of reference for Surveying professionals to communicate information on Surveying applications and developments.

To provide a central repository for information and references on applications of Surveying to for the benefit of the Surveying community at large.

To offer advice, pointers and contacts for individuals and organisations enquiring about Surveying applications

To disseminate news, information and research on Surveying through a WWW (World Wide Web) page

To maintain a respected online user forum where students, professionals, and would be user can access, share, and disseminate information about Surveying and geospatial technologies.

To support and complement The American Surveyor Magazine publication with a useful and growing online community of Surveying industry professionals.

To encourage membership of GIS users as registered users of Mapuser.com