Hennepin County, MN Survey Division

Hennepin County survey data is a compilation of electronic data, mapping, photo imagery, location of land boundaries & information about the rights that accrue to real property.  It is the foundation for all parcel based Geographic Information within Hennepin County.

The land information unit reviews Subdivision Plats, Registered Land Surveys, and Common Interest Communities plats for compliance with statutory requirements.

Their Graphics unit maintains the electronic parcel base mapping and data which are the framework of the Hennepin County Geographic Information System (GIS).

Of interest is a Chronological Listing of Hennepin County Surveyors dating back to 1853. Their survey plat manual is available online as a PDF document.

Mission statement:

Fulfill the duties of the County Surveyor in a manner that will produce current and accurate information about the lands and highways within Hennepin County. Foster a work environment that promotes and educates its employees to the mutual benefit of staff, county government and the taxpayers of Hennepin County. Provide leadership in the development of innovations and technology that will maximize the access to the public records of this office. Seek ways to inform and support Hennepin County taxpayers and government business through our unique perspectives and abilities.

William Brown L.S., County Surveyor, Manager

Hannepin County, Minnesota