Italian Ministry for Environment uses Image Web Server for flood and mudslide monitoring system

London, 25 June 2004 – The Italian Ministry for Environment, in conjunction with Planetek Italia, has implemented a flood and mudslide monitoring system.  Over 30% of Italian towns are at risk from flooding or mudslides.  The system is an extension of the National Cartographic Portal ( 

 The portal features over 1.2 terabytes (1,200 gigabytes) of raster data served by Earth Resource Mapping’s (ERM) Image Web Server in the ECW compressed image format.

The risk monitoring system integrates ESRI’s ArcIMS and ERM’s Image Web Server.  ArcIMS provides access to thematic data, while Image Web Server deploys imagery datasets. 

The imagery datasets consist of 1.2 terabytes of color and b/w orthophotos with 1-meter resolution, as well as Italian Geographic Military institute cartography (scale 1:25.000, 1:100.000 and 1:250.000) and other kinds of cartographic documents. 

ER Mapper, the leading geospatial imagery application, compressed the raw image data into the ECW Image database format.  This dramatically reduced the size of the image files and permits high speed serving of the data by Image Web Server. 

Mick Armstrong, Regional Manager of ERM’s European operations said, “This initiative provides vital information to a large number of at-risk populations in Italy.  Imagery provides added information and context to typical vector based GIS datasets.  Risk management and emergency service GIS systems need imagery to better prevent and coordinate responses to emergencies.”

The Italian Cartographic Portal has up to 30,000 unique visitors per day.  The site generates over 100 GB of traffic per week.

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