National Forest Boundaries from the NPS

This dataset contains National Forest boundaries for the lower 48 states and Alaska, including Puerto Rico. It includes administrative unit boundaries dervied from the Automated Lands Project (ALP) data system and is comprised of data extracted from Regional ALP coverages, Regional GIS coverages, Cartographic Feature Files (CFF) and other sources such as USGS and BLM 1:100,000 scale maps.

CFF data are digital representations, in vector format, of cartographic information. Map features are converted to digital form from maps, aerial photography, global positioning systems and related sources. CFF data are used to publish 1:24,000 – scale topographic maps in the lower 48 states and 1:63,360 – scale topographic maps in Alaska. (13 MB)


For individuals tracking the latest active fire hotspots, this coverage represents year 2004 MODIS fire detections for the geographic area covering the lower 48 states and Alaska. The detections are obtained using both TERRA MODIS and AQUA MODIS data are collected and processed as a cooperative effort between the USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Application Center, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland.

Looking for an E00 coverage for National Park data? Here’s a coverage (25MB) from the NPS (FTP)