DigitalGlobe Showcases Image-Based Products in Support of 2004 Athens Olympics

LONGMONT, Colo., June 23, 2004 – DigitalGlobe®, provider of the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery and geospatial information products, announced the availability of several image-based products to help government agencies, the private sector and various Olympic committees plan for the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece (August 13-29).

DigitalGlobe’s Olympics Showcase offers varying combinations of current digital satellite imagery, 3D perspectives, maps, viewing software, posters, and other geospatial information products covering the city of Athens and the Olympic venues. DigitalGlobe’s products support a wide range of uses, from consumers who want to print a poster of an Olympic venue, to advanced imagery users who want to perform detailed analysis. Up-to-date products using freshly collected satellite imagery of Athens will be available for additional purchase between now and August 2004.

DigitalGlobe is bundling its 60-centimeter resolution QuickBird satellite imagery with several other products for the following Olympics Showcase offerings:

DGImageMaps: This DigitalGlobe product, delivered on DVD, incorporates a QuickBird Natural Color Ortho Image at 1:50,000 map scale accuracy; important ground features in the city of Athens including major roads and subway stations, hospitals, houses of worship, media facilities, and athletic venues and stadiums; a scaled map composition; and 3D perspective views. A hardcopy plot map and a CD-ROM containing image viewing software are also included.

Harris Realsite Models: These geospatially accurate visual models are produced by Harris using the company’s revolutionary Realsite 3D model generation technology along with high-resolution QuickBird imagery. The Athens high-precision 3D urban model details 110 square kilometers of buildings and 1000 square kilometers of terrain and imagery covering Olympic venues, transportation infrastructure and historic sites. These exciting models would be used in conjunction with the Harris InReality viewer for display, and include advanced analysis features used to support security, public safety and urban planning applications.

Harris ImageLinks TrueTerrain: Processed using ImageLinks’ proprietary VirtualSensor™ Technology, this true-color, “cloud free” ortho-mosaic integrates over 2000 square kilometers of 60-centimeter QuickBird imagery and over 30,000 square kilometers of 10-meter Landsat 7 TM data produced from recent image scenes. The mosaic incorporates high-precision scene-to-scene co-registration, excellent tonal balancing, resolution merge, and feather blending between the resolution boundaries. Custom output formats and tile sizes are available.

DigitalGlobe ImageAtlas: Powered by GlobeXplorer, this secure Web viewer application features immediate online image viewing, digital image downloading, and printing of poster-size images. Users can log in and locate properties and neighborhoods, interact with images by panning and zooming, and cut/paste, download, or print images for reports and presentations. Users can order a poster of one venue or the entire city of Athens.

Keyhole: This viewing software offered by Keyhole Corp. enables users to take a closer look at the city of Athens and the surrounding areas, enabling them to zoom down from space and fly through the city. Keyhole combines QuickBird satellite imagery, 3D geography, maps, and other geospatial information to present a complete perspective of Athens in seconds.

DigitalGlobe Athens Ortho Mosaic: This 1:25,000 scale ortho mosaic covers the Athens metropolitan area. Mosaic tiles may be purchased individually or in their entirety. Supplemental imagery updates will also be made available as the Olympics draw closer.

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