Test your skills at the USGS Rocky Mountain Mapping Center

The USGS RMMC has created a wide variety of educational activities in the form of lessons, pamphlets, posters, maps, books, CD-ROMs, web-based data, and in other forms.

Joseph J. Kerski, Ph.D., Geographer: Education/GIS for the USGS (and long time friend of yours truly) publishes a number of fun and innovative educational resources designed to sharpen students’ knowledge and skills in the area of geography, cartography, and map interpretation, particularly involving the use of USGS data and data resources.

Visitors to the site can now access 3 new quizzes involving topographic maps and aerial photographs: topics include National Parks; Landforms; American Indian Tribal Headquarters.

These great educational aids are published as downloadable/printable PDFs and a solution sheet can also be found. The goal of the material is to quiz students on geographic and cartographic skills. Many lessons often require the user to investigate various data sources and Joseph always cites his sources, providing valuable leads to some great data portals.

For fun, try the landform quiz and match the topo map with the correct landform!