iSECUREtrac Lands 10 New GPS Tracking Contracts

GPS Tracking Systems Now Implemented With Agencies in 33 States

OMAHA, Neb.–  City, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Adopting GPS   

iSECUREtrac(TM) Corp. (OTCBB:ISRE), an industry leader in secure GPS tracking solutions, announced today that their GPS tracking Systems have now been implemented in 33 U.S. states, and the company soon expects international customers. iSECUREtrac recently signed contracts and deployed GPS tracking systems with ten additional law enforcement agencies in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

Marion County Oregon Sheriff’s Office Parole & Probation Deputies recently launched a new Electronic Monitoring (EM) program which utilizes iSECUREtrac’s Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. According to Deputy Kevin Rau of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, "By using the GPS technology, parole deputies can track and document offender movement on a continuous basis. Prior to this program, offenders on EM could only be tracked if they were in their home on a 24-hour basis. Once the offender left his or her residence to go to work or treatment programming, the offender could not be tracked," added Deputy Rau. "The iSECUREtrac program gives more offender information regarding location throughout a particular period and can provide verification to individual parole and probation deputies whether an offender is abiding by the parameters of supervision (i.e., by not entering an area close to a victim’s residence, staying away from parks and schools, or abiding by certain curfew hours). Offenders with gang ties have been placed on the program and early information indicates the program has been successfully working as advertised," continued Deputy Rau.

"Our GPS tracking systems have now been implemented in 33 states at various City, County, State and Federal Agencies as well as with various bonding agencies, said Tom Wharton, President & CEO of iSECUREtrac. "With recent customer orders, we will also be entering international markets for the first time," added Wharton. "It has taken some time for development, but we have now taken the leadership position for the implementation of GPS tracking systems in the United States for Law Enforcement agencies that implement all types of community supervision programs for offenders. We now look forward to supporting the new laws that are mandating GPS tracking for sex offenders as they roll out State by State," Wharton continued.

"Law enforcement agencies should now have confidence that we are growing rapidly and that we will be here to support them for the long haul," said David Vana, CFO of iSECUREtrac. "Our products have a track record of success with a diverse group of law enforcement agencies around the country, and soon the world. We are continuing to invest in our GPS products as other U.S. competitors seem to be losing their foothold in the marketplace because of outdated products," added Vana.

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iSECUREtrac Corp is a technology and information services company providing advanced GPS tracking solutions for the remote tracking and monitoring of individuals, including real time data collection, secure remote reporting, and data warehousing. Currently focused in the area of Law Enforcement, iSECUREtrac’s products are designed to improve security, enhance overall management information, and provide faster analysis and response for targeted government and commercial applications. Further information on iSECUREtrac Corp can be found on the company’s Web site at

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