MAPPS Forms Federal Cadastre Task Force

To help President Bush implement Executive Order 13327, on Federal Real Property Asset Management, issued on February 4, MAPPS President Ken Fleming has appointed a MAPPS Federal Land Cadastre Task Force.  The Executive Order requires the establishment of an inventory of Federal land holdings, as well as directs the Interior and Agriculture Departments to prepare legislation dealing with a public lands inventory.
MAPPS worked with the White House on the Executive Order.  The directive could be the foundation for the establishment of a Federal Land Cadastre, and opportunities for a great many MAPPS member firms. The purpose of this task force will be to develop a MAPPS strategy and proposals, and to work with BLM and the Forest Service, as well as the White House, on implementation of Executive Order 13327. The Executive Order is linked from the MAPPS web site, or for information, go to:, and
Among the responsibilities of this task force will be to:
– develop legislation to implement the E.O., particularly as it applies to the establishment of cadastres or land inventories, both for Public Lands and other Federal Lands;
– advise and assist agencies, including BLM and the Forest Service, on the design of a plan for such inventories, including evaluating existing data sets and data layers that could be used, and designing a "gap analysis" of missing data layers and a needs assessment;
-identify partners and advocates for the legislation (e.g. IAAO, ACSM, NSGIC, URISA) etc.;
– evaluate pilot projects;
– assist in development of a budget estimate for implementing an inventory/cadastre; and
– review the 1980 National Academy of Sciences report on "Need for a Multipurpose Cadastre" and recommend steps that need to be taken to make the report’s recommendations a reality in the context of the Executive Order.

Mr. Fleming has asked the following individuals, who have special knowledge and experience on this issue, to serve on this Task Force — Susan Marlow (Smart Data Strategies), Chairman, Tim Hopkins (The Sidwell Company), Silas Suazo (Bohannan-Huston), Rodger Phelps (3001), Tom McCullough (InterMountain Aerial Surveys), Kevin Daugherty (ESRI), and Roger Crystal (Titan), Board Liaison. 

The task force will make a presentation at the MAPPS Summer Meeting in Big Sky, MT.  Included at that session will be a discussion of the Executive Order by Jim Hughes, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management.