GeoSpatial Experts Releases Update of GPS-Photo Link

(Fort Collins, CO) June 7, 2004 – GeoSpatial Experts has released an updated version of its flagship photo mapping software,  GPS-Photo Link.

Version 3.0 improves upon what is already the most affordable, versatile and professional mapping software on the market. GPS-Photo Link automatically links your digital photos with data from your GPS. After linking to data to the digital image, GPS-Photo Link creates a web page featuring your photos watermarked with the GPS information, topographic maps, and satellite images. ESRI Shape Files are also created, allowing the viewing of the photos in ArcView using the supplied plug-in tool.

Organizations around the world love GPS-Photo Link and now you can do even more. Version 3.0 allows the user to link AVI movies taken with a digital camera to GPS data. Also, you can manipulate the position of the resulting watermarks on your photo placing it either at the top or the bottom of the photo, outside of the image itself. This allows the viewing of the GPS information on the photo, without writing on top of the photo itself.

As well as adding new features, GeoSpatial Experts has made the software even easier to use.  With version 3.0 you don’t need separate files for photos and coordinates – all information about the location of the picture is stored in the EXIF headers in the JPEG file created by GPS-Photo Link.

GPS-Photo Link Version 3.0 is compatible with more products. For example, Trimble Pathfinder Shape Files are now supported. Also, ESRI ArcPad track log Shape Files can now be used as input to GPS-Photo Link. The update also reads Kodak DCS series photos with
embedded GPS information.

This new version also supports the Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 digital camera with GPS, introduced last month. This is the only camera available with a built-in GPS card. Sold exclusively by GeoSpatial Experts as a bundle with GPS-Photo Link.

GeoSpatial Experts is working hard to make sure that GPS-Photo Link remains at the top of its game. Already simple, affordable, versatile, and professional, GPS-Photo Link Version 3.0 is now even better.


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Rick Bobbitt
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