The GLOBE Program – taking geospatial education Global

GLOBE is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based education and science program. Over a million primary and secondary students in more than 14,000 schools have taken part in the program; there are more than 24,000 GLOBE-trained teachers and those numbers are growing!

For Students, GLOBE provides the opportunity to learn by:

Taking scientifically valid measurements in the fields of atmosphere, hydrology, soils, and land cover/phenology – depending upon their local curricula

  • Reporting their data through the Internet
  • Creating maps and graphs on the free interactive Web site to analyze data sets
  • Collaborating with scientists and other GLOBE students around the world

GLOBE is a cooperative effort of schools, led in the United States by a Federal interagency program supported by NASA, NSF and the U.S. State Department, in partnership with colleges and universities, state and local school systems, and non-government organizations. Internationally, GLOBE is a partnership between the United States and over 100 other countries.

Parents and others can work with teachers to help students obtain data on days when schools are not open.

Teachers and other educators who wish to lead students in GLOBE need to attend special workshops in order to fully participate in the program. Internationally, contact your Country Point of Contact. In the U.S. look up currently scheduled workshops here and if you do not find a workshop you can attend, contact a Partner in your state or area.

Using the Globe MapViewer Access Program (IMS), visitors can access data being collected by participating schools. See and select Globe School Data.