Terion Announces FleetView Product Enhancement – Tractor ID

PLANO, Texas– Terion, a leading provider of trailer management systems with over 75,000 units installed, today announced the availability of Tractor ID(TM), its latest enhancement to the FleetView(R) Trailer Fleet Management System.

Tractor ID takes advantage of Power Line Communications technology to identify the tractor hooked to any FleetView-equipped trailer. The FleetView unit can then report the tractor’s identification code and fleet code, or absence of an identifier, to the dispatcher based on configurable logic in the device.

Tractor ID offers several benefits:

— Promptly reports to the dispatcher when the wrong tractor picks up a trailer

— Alerts dispatchers to stolen loads when a trailer is hooked to an unidentified tractor

— Decreases misuse of trailers by other carriers or shippers

— Quantifies trailer usage in dedicated trailer fleet

— Identifies which trailers are unhooked and available for use

— Eliminates costly mistakes made when drivers incorrectly enter trailer information into their in-cab mobile communications device

"Carriers need more information than just the location of their trailers," said Todd A. Felker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Terion. "The Terion FleetView technology platform was designed to ensure that our product could expand over time along with the needs of our customers. Tractor ID is the latest addition to the FleetView product suite that further enhances our value and shortens the return on investment."

About FleetView

FleetView provides a comprehensive trailer fleet management system that allows transportation companies to maximize efficiencies associated with trailer fleet operations. Typical benefits associated with FleetView include an increase in trailer utilization and a reduced trailer-to-tractor ratio. Information is provided to the operator through the Internet from its patented hardware and software design.

The design integrates GPS and cellular technology for comprehensive coverage throughout the United States and Canada. The system is concealed to provide a covert installation.

FleetView communicates real-time trailer location and event status when the trailer is tethered or untethered, including an accurate determination of loaded or unloaded status with FleetView’s Cargo Sensor. The system uniquely supports over-the-air software downloads for device settings and software upgrades.

About Terion, Inc.

Terion, Inc. (www.terion.com) is a leading two-way wireless data communication and information solution provider for mobile and remote business-to-business applications focusing on the transportation industry. Terion provides value-added products and services, robust application content software accessed through the Internet, and reliable, high-quality hardware designed specifically for our target markets.
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