New Cable-Free GPS+ System Offers Extended Range

The latest addition to the growing Topcon RTK GPS+ family is its most powerful and globally compliant integrated system to date.

 HiPer® Pro incorporates a UHF radio into the base unit that provides RTK operation up to 4 miles away. The integrated radio also employs Free Channel Scanning technology, allowing it to automatically switch to interference-free channels on the fly, and its wide 380 to 470 MHz operating range provides global operational compatibility. An optional repeater system is available for added operational range.

HiPer® Pro joins two other Topcon models as the only RTK systems in the world that offer the convenience and simplicity of cable-free operation. The compact unit also features dual-constellation tracking—GPS plus GLONASS—providing almost 50 percent more satellite availability than GPS alone. The additional GLONASS satellites make it possible to avoid downtime due to poor satellite geometry or physical obstructions.
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