Announcing GEODATA TOPO 5M

Geoscience Australia has just released free online another in its series of small scale products – GEODATA TOPO 5M. GEODATA TOPO 5M 2004 consists of eleven layers: built-up areas; contours; drainage; framework; localities; offshore; rail transport; road transport; sand ridges, spot heights and waterbodies.

GEODATA TOPO 5M 2004 is a seamless mapping data set at 1:5 million scale which covers all of Australia. The data is particularly suited to national, state-wide and larger regional applications.

Offshore and sand ridge layers were sourced from scanning of the original 1:5 million map production material. The remaining nine layers were derived from the GEODATA TOPO 2.5M 2003 dataset.

This dataset complements the existing suite of quality GIS topographic datasets. The new product includes features such as built-up areas, contours, drainage, seas, state borders, coastline, localities, offshore features, railways, roads, sand ridges, spot heights and water-bodies. The data is suitable for use at 1:5 million scale (1millimetre on the map represents 5 kilometres on the ground) and smaller scales. 

Datum: GDA94, AHD
Format: ArcInfo Export, ArcView Shapefile and MapInfo mid/mif

Geographic extents
North bounding latitude: -9 °
South bounding latitude: -44 °
East bounding longitude: 154 °
West bounding longitude: 112 °

Free Download Here & Metadata Reference