The American Surveyor Magazine – May/June 2005, Vol.1 No.3 – Table of Contents

Editor’s Corner
By Marc Cheves, LS
Point to Point
On Competence and Enforcement. Our Associate Editor concludes his discussion about retracement competence.
By Joel Leininger, LS
Laser Scanning Changes the Rules!
Five examples of how this breakout technology is changing the game in surveying, engineering, constructing and managing built assets and civil infrastructure.
By Tom Greaves and Bruce Jenkins
The Fabric of Surveying in America:
Surveying Texas.

Early Spanish influence in the metes and bounds land system of Texas helped to form another of the unique “wrinkles” in America’s survey fabric.
By John Stanley Coalter, LS
A visit with Trent Turk, LS, of GeoSurvey Ltd in Marietta, Georgia.
By Marc S. Cheves, LS
Thomas Greenough’s Four-vaned Theodolite
A detailed look at an instrument possibly designed for the same dual purpose as Rowland Houghton’s “Theodolate”.
By Jeffrey Lock
Everything is Somewhere:
The Practical Obsessions of Edward R. Tufte

Surveyors deal with large amounts of spatial and numerical information—here are some tips on how to best present it.
By Angus W. Stocking, LS
Compass & Chain:
The Saxton Surveyors Who Drowned

An attempt to trace the origin of the tiny Vermont village of Saxtons River leads to conclusions that may forever remain buried in time.
By Silvio A. Bedini
The California DOT Trains its Surveyors
Training a highly technical staff of surveyors, photogrammetrists and GIS specialists requires the assistance of many, but the results speak for themselves.
By Chuck Karayan, LS
Using the GCDB

Practical applications of the Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB).
By Rj Zimmer, LS
Vantage Point: The Language Police
As Mark Twain once wrote, “The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”
By Wendy Lathrop, LS
Surveyin’ Da Situation: The Chance of a Lifetime
Did you ever get the feeling that you’re Charlie Brown and you’re up against Lucy?
By John D. Matonich, LS
Software Review:
DeLorme’s XMap, XMap/GIS Analyst, XMap/GIS Editor and GPS PostPro 2.0
By Joseph H. Bell, LS
Software Review:
Prosurv cEZ
By Al Pepling, LS
News & Products
Washington View: A Tale of Two Map Programs
The National Map and Geospatial One-Stop–is each living up to its potential?
By Laurence Socci
Test Yourself
Proportioning exercises.
By Richard L. Elgin, PhD, LS, PE
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