Earthmate Blue Logger GPS: for Sub-Meter GPS Mapping, Data Logging & Analysis, and Navigation

Introducing the Earthmate Blue Logger GPS, available April 2004 only from

This is a high accuracy and flexible GPS solution, packaged with
DeLorme GPS Mapping software. Blue Logger GPS benefits from DeLorme’s experience of more than a dozen years in the GPS business.

The Blue Logger GPS has on-board storage for over 50,000 location points. The location point collection variables are user-determined on the desktop computer via an accompanying GPS Manager software module. By tasking the Blue Logger to collect points at specific time or distance intervals, the user creates a log file of the precision required for specific goals.

Blue Logger GPS can log raw satellite signals including code phase, carrier phase, and Doppler measurements. This type of data log can be post-processed to achieve sub-meter accuracies. With the GPS Post-Pro software, raw satellite data is processed against additional data
source(s). This source can be either a second Blue Logger or a terrestrial reference station, such as the CORS sites (Continually Operating Reference Station) situated throughout the US. Blue Logger data logs can be processed on the desktop into a variety of formats. These include the DeLorme Software formats for GIS, GPS and Draw
layers, as well as text files. By viewing the data log in the DeLorme Mapping software, one can easily observe rate of travel and measure distances. Users can even watch a ‘movie’ of their travel across a
three-dimensional map!

GPS Mapping with the Blue Logger GPS can be as simple as walking the boundaries of a parcel and as accurate as sub-meter position location. With the data logging variable set to collect raw satellite data, the
Blue Logger GPS can be attached to a tripod and left for 15 to 20 minutes. Back in the office, the data is downloaded to the DeLorme GPS Post-Pro software, and the log file processed against a reference station for sub-meter results.

On, there is an ever-growing archive of articles and tutorials on mapping with GPS. For example: "Map a Parcel by Registering a USGS DOQQ to Meter-Accuracy" or "Use your Blue Loggers to Monitor Travel Speeds". By combining Blue Logger data collections with the mapmaking tools in the DeLorme mapping
software suite, GPS Mapping becomes an activity for an individual interested in investing only a few hundred dollars for a sub-meter GPS receiver. An example of GPS Mapping is registering an aerial image to a more accurate coordinate set; a simple process with the DeLorme software suite and Blue Logger GPS sub-meter data collection. After the image is rubber-sheeted into a heightened accuracy based on the new Blue Logger data, the draw tools or GIS editing functions can be created as accurate layers derived from the imagery base. If the base image has been registered to one-meter accuracy, any layers derived from the imagery will have a corresponding accuracy.

The Blue Logger GPS becomes a navigation solution when paired with a
Bluetooth enabled handheld computer. The Blue Logger can be used for GPS location and travel via the DeLorme handheld software, such as XMap Pro Handheld. The Blue Logger GPS benefits from the freedom to position the device in the vehicle where it has a clear view of the sky. GPS devices that are integrated to the map display often have difficulty holding a steady satellite signal while in vehicles. The Blue Logger GPS allows the handheld computer to be kept in easy reach for
routing and observing the current location change, marked by the "breadcrumb" GPS trail.

Technology Heritage
In, GPS Mapping is defined as the synthesis of location tools and mapping technology. This site is a user-oriented space with forums, datasharing, and GPS Map-Making tutorials. supports the use of DeLorme Mapping products for their robust mapping engine and spatial data management format, as well as the friendly price-points. The Blue Logger GPS is the first hardware offering exclusively from Blue Logger licenses DeLorme technology to achieve its high accuracy and unique logging functionality.

DeLorme has been a leading provider of GPS solutions at a very affordable price for over a dozen years. In tandem with the developing GPS infrastructure, DeLorme first released Tripmate in 1995 and later the Earthmate series as a perfect companion for its software.
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