USDA Geospatial Gateway – Free DRG, DOQs, DEMs, and more!

When I first used this fabulous resource the first thing that came to my mind was that anyone out there who’s being paying big $$ to download free DRGs, DEMs, DOQQs, TIGER files, Q3 flood data, and anything else in the public domain for that matter is going to freak out … on the flip side though, you’re going to love on us for pointing you to this amazing clearinghouse.

The Geospatial Data Gateway or Geo-Data Gateway provides easy and consistent access to natural resource data. You can search for available data by geographic area such as county or state, use our point and click map tool to find your area of interest; using a gazetteer, or by entering latitude and longitude coordinates. You can also search for data by theme, such as digital ortho imagery, digital elevation models (DEMs), or soils. You can then view a thumbnail, or sample of the data you’ve chosen to know if you want a copy of the data. If you do, you can either download the data directly onto your machine, pick it up via our ftp site, or order it on media such as CD.

FTP download is free. CD’s are free for USDA personnel and $US 50 for all others. DVD’s are free for USDA personnel and $US 100 for all others.

Select region of interest and then view all available data products. you’ll be amazed at the data that is available. For my region (near Denver) products available included NED, FEMA Q3, TIGER 2002, NED, DEMs, enhanced DRGs, DOQQs, soil surveys, quad indexes, hydrography, transportation data and much more!

Visit the site, select area of interest, pick data theme(s), select desired projection, register your name and email address, ftp download … it’s that simple!

Zoomed in to an area of Colorado

Presented with a list of all available data layers for area of interest

PS: we downloaded a 10.9 MB file at a throughput rate of more than 112 KB/sec in about 1.2 minutes.