New Camera with GPS and software package change the face of photo mapping

Fort Collins, CO (April 9, 2004) – GeoSpatial Experts is now an authorized reseller of the new Ricoh digital camera with automatic image geo-coding: the Caplio Pro G3. When bundled with GPS-Photo Link’s new Ricoh Edition software they provide a unique and simple way to map photos. It’s the perfect combination for photo mapping.

By integrating a compact flash GPS receiver into the new Caplio Pro G3 camera, Ricoh eliminated the need for additional equipment and time while providing an automated and error-free process.  And with 3.24 effective mega pixels and 3x Optical zoom, the Caplio Pro G3 produces stunning digital images.

Because the camera and the GPS work together, all you have to do is download the images from the camera. Once downloaded, the GPS-Photo Link software gets to work. Literally hundreds of photos can be processed within a matter of minutes. With a simple, “wizard-style” format, the software automatically watermarks your photos with the GPS data from the camera. GPS-Photo Link creates web pages with satellite photos, topographic maps, and even street maps. ESRI Shape Files are also created for easy integration with desktop mapping software such as ESRI’s ArcView GIS. The Ricoh version of GPS-Photo Link allows you to store memos on the camera that can easily label each photo. You can also link coordinates to AVI movies taken with the Caplio Pro G3 camera.

“This is an excellent camera and the software is most impressive,” exclaims Terry McGaha from T&T Photos. McGaha uses the new Ricoh/GPS-Photo Link package to photograph houses for sale and label them with their MLS numbers. These images are then used to display virtual tours on the web. “But there must be 100,000 applications for it. Considering the simplicity of having the camera and GPS integrated and the ease of the software, no one should be without it.” McGaha believes that this is the future of photo mapping. Once you use it, you will too.

GeoSpatial Experts is the sole reseller of the Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 camera/GPS with GPS-Photo Link software. Visit for purchasing information.


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