New GPS Telemetry Module from GPSFlight, Inc.

Unit Provides Tracking of Multiple Devices with a Single Receiver

Seattle, WA – GPSFlight has released a new GPS telemetry system that offers simultaneous tracking of multiple transmitters by a single USB receiver.  For rapid update applications, 10 devices can report per second, and may be tracked from as far as 15 miles away. The software can discretely identify and track hundreds of concurrent transmitters in the same network. Individual devices may be configured with additional sensors including a digital altimeter and thermometer, and future add-in modules are planned.  Based on spread spectrum radio technology and integrated 12 channel WAAS GPS, the system has been extensively tested and is already in use by federal agencies, university researchers and the private sector.

The key to the systems stunning capability is an embedded CPU on each transmitter unit that multiplexes data from GPS and other onboard devices into a highly compressed proprietary binary packet. This data is then synchronized with other transmitters, using a patent-pending protocol which takes advantage of the 1-microsecond accuracy of the GPS satellite signals.  Each transmitter is then programmed to a particular channel and given a unique identifier.  Hundreds of individual units can be tracked by a single receiver running the company’s TEAM software,  with each unit reporting position, altitude, speed and other relevant statistics.  The equipment may also be used within other popular GPS data collection systems.

“The release of the STXe transmitter and associated technology opens up a wide range of possibilities never before available to the general GIS community,” said GPSFlight President Tom Gonser.  “We’ve received inquiries from major sports organizations and event coordinators, search and rescue units, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle specialists and others regarding the use of the system for their particular application.  All have been attracted by the ease of use and affordability of the equipment, and amazed by its performance. ”

GPSFlight designs, develops and distributes components and custom solutions for location-based telemetry.  The company’s STXe transmitter and RX-Base3 receiver together form a powerful solution for remote tracking of multiple events in situations where cellular technology is inappropriate or unavailable.  For more information visit or contact