2004 edition of Australian National Gravity Database

The 2004 edition of the Australian National Gravity Database contains approximately 192,000 more gravity stations than last year. Recent database acquisitions and surveys with expired embargo dates make up the extra data.

The Australian National Gravity Database contains over 1,200,000 point gravity observations from offshore and onshore Australia, collected since 1937. This repository of gravity information is a valuable national asset with importance to the mineral and petroleum exploration industries, geodesy and the international scientific community.

The database is part of Geoscience Australia’s Minerals program which aims to improve Australia-wide coverage of gravity data. A cooperative effort between Geoscience Australia, State and Territory Geological Surveys, private companies, universities and other organisations, the Australian National Gravity Database is continually upgraded as new gravity data are added.

Available for free download or to purchase on a CD-ROM from the GA Sales Center. The CD also includes the airborne gravity data over West Arnhem Land