McElhanney now selling Tarin Resource Services' digital orthophotos for W. Canada

McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd is pleased to announce that we are selling Tarin Resource Services’ digital orthophotos over NE British Columbia and many parts of Alberta. Colour and panchromatic orthophotos are available at 0.5m, 1m and 2m resolutions. The orthophotos are of considerable interest to oil & gas companies and transportation agencies amongst others. The orthophotos are between 2000 to present vintage, and are a great update to the BC government TRIM orthophotos from the 1990’s.

The BC orthophotos are tiled along the 1:20,000 mapsheet boundaries, while the Alberta orthophotos are tiled along Twp/Range.

To view the complete available coverage See the McElhanney Consulting website