The American Surveyor Magazine – Jan/Feb 2004, Vol.1 No.1 – Table of Contents

Field of Flags
A Civil War battlefield hosts a stirring memorial to the victims of September 11.
Trenton D. Turk, LS
Editor’s Corner
Welcome to our Charter Issue!
By Allen Cheves & Marc Cheves, LS
Point to Point
The Associate Editor asks the question, Do we need a national Record of Survey?
By Joel Leininger, LS
Rowland Houghton’s “Theodolate”
According to the Acts of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, this was the first surveying instrument to be patented in the American Colonies.
By Jeff Lock
First in a series of contemporary portraits of American surveyors and the companies they work for.
By Marc Cheves, LS
EarthData International
Vision, experience and a spirit of adventure transform a regional mapping company into an international leader in geospatial technologies.
By Marc Cheves, LS
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Is the surveying profession capable of learning from its past mistakes?
By Walter G. Robillard, LS, Esq.
Infusing GIS with Data Accuracy
A good-natured examination of the rivalry between GIS and surveying.
By Gavin Schrock, LS
The Line Between Sandstone and Quartzite
When this early GLO surveyor called a piece of “red flint” a “sandstone,” he never anticipated the legal challenge that would follow.
By Jerry Penry, LS
Test Yourself
Brush up on your surveying knowledge by answering questions similar to those of the NCEES land surveying exams.
By Richard L. Elgin, PhD, LS, PE
58kb – With Answers
57kb – Without Answers
Management Online
Mining the full potential of the Intranet.
By Fred Henstridge, LS
Washington View
There are many ways that legislation proposed by Congress and the federal government affects the average surveyor.
By Laurence Socci
It’s the Journey and the Goal:
The Argument for Process Control of Deliverables

Why do surveyors have a difficult time providing quality deliverables to mapping professionals who are notoriously bad at quantifying their
spatial error?
By Karen Zollman